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For National Senior Health and Fitness Day, Learn How Problem Gambling Can Affect Older Adults

Though gambling addiction is serious for anyone affected, different factors come into play for older adults. Retirees have plenty of leisure time on hand, and unfortunately, those who have a problem with gambling will see this as an opportunity to spend even more time and money at casinos or on other types of gambling, worsening what might already be a serious problem. Others may try gambling for the first time and develop an unhealthy relationship right from the start, leading to a downward spiral.. Major changes in life can drive older adults to spend too much time and money on gambling; older people tend to be “vulnerable to gambling-related problems…read more

Showing Care for Our Seniors Through Problem Gambling Prevention

Within the past 20 years, gambling in the United States has become a preferred pastime. Here in Florida, gambling opportunities have increased, as has the senior population, which has been growing more rapidly than any other age group.  For most Florida seniors, as is true for most Americans, gambling is a form of entertainment that does not present any difficulty in their lives.  However, among older adults, the consequences of a gambling disorder are often more debilitating. Therefore, before gambling, it is important to know the risks involved and the warning signs of problem gambling.  While gambling is a recreational activity that does not present harm to the majority who…read more